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Clemente's work is born of a synergy between memory and imagination. He uses no models, pictures or still life arrangements when creating a new work of art. A self-proclaimed “observer,” Clemente chooses to elicit an intellectual formula for his subject matter that he describes through a hierarchy of interpersonal understanding. Today, his universal language is spoken through his art.

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Stephen Johnson


Stephen Johnson is a native West Palm Beacher and artist. His work is inspired by his fellow  contemporary artists, such as: Paul Aho, Sam Perry, Jefro, & Clemente.

Ellen Liman


"Liman's work honors nature in a most sophisticated manner.  It escapes deing decorative because of her confident brush strokes and careful composition.  The strong connection between the artist and subject matter manifests itself in the vibrancy of her scenes and flowers."  ArtNews

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Mary Ourisman


Mary Ourisman

Ezra Hubbard


Ezra Hubbard is a sculptor and interdisciplinary artist, whose work is about the movement towards transcendence. The work is sparked by deep reflections on people, dreams, time, and the subconscious. He is fascinated by the transmission and reflections of light. His work hopes to create an event and a memory rather than just an interesting thing to observe. 

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Continuing in her family's tradition, Stroh is an oil painter and sculptor specializing in animal portraits and landscapes. With her life's foundation, Stroh has returned to her love of painting after following other professional, personal and artistic pursuits and now her career as a painter and sculptor brings together a variety of aspects of her life.

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Cloe Gibson


Cloe has immersed herself in the world of watercolor painting. The flow of colors and use of negative space add depth and expression to her vibrant paintings.  Her passion for photography has also had a major influence on her painting. She loves being able to capture a fleeting moment in nature and transform it into a new composition to express color, shape, and form in a painting.  

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Charles Bane III


Charles Bane is a local artist originally from Palm Beach known for murals, large scale paintings, and curating. His series are known to explore different ideas and emotions, and is currently pursuing happiness in his “Delightful Treats” series. Bane's work is held in private collections across America and Paris, including the Phipps Estates collection. 

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